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Here are just some of the things our patients and their parents have to say:

Everyone is very friendly. We always are seen in a timely manner. All of the doctors we have seen have been wonderful! They all seem to really listen to the patient (or mom) and take care when making a diagnosis. I always feel confident when I leave this office (with or without a prescription) that my child was under superb care.Maria R.


Raising a child with autism is a difficult thing, and Culver City Pediatrics is very understanding of our situation. They are always willing to provide referrals to specialists and do a great job tracking all of the paperwork that tends to accumulate in my son's file. They are sensitive to his special needs and have always been gentle and supportive.Victoria A.


We have 4 children. The staff and doctors are absolutely excellent in this practice. From newborn hospital check ups to emergency calls in the late hours of the night for various reasons, Culver City Pediatrics has always provided superb medical treatment with a caring attitude. I recommend all family and friends to this practice. Olga S.


The entire staff is courteous and caring. Very interested in child's well being. Ease of getting a sick appointment. Convenience. Robert L.


I love the friendly and caring doctors and office staff. It's easy to get in for sick appointments and the wait is usually very short - key when you have an ill child! Kelly M.


I love that the doctors and office staff are very nice and helpful! When I call for a sick appointment, they try to get us in as soon as possible and they really work with our schedules. When I've talked to the doctors on the phone, they have always given me good information. Michele S.


I love your call back system. It's quick, convenient, and provides a great health service to my children! Suzanne J.


Fast appointments. Friendly Doctors. Same day appointments. Quick call backs. Erica W.


Everyone is very caring and friendly - they truly put my son's fears of going to the doctor at ease. He didn't even cry when he got his vaccinations. Great locations - always able to get an appointment when needed. Rick W.


My kids always are well cared for-the doctors are very gentle and talk to the kids at their level. Tracy R.


We love the quality of care we receive every time we come to Culver City Pediatrics. The physicians and office staff are very attentive to our three children and their needs. Your availability for sick child visits is especially wonderful and very accommodating. Keep up the good work! Ann Marie P.

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